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Mrs. Lupita Alvarez
Mrs. Lupita Alvarez – Spanish Teacher (K-5)

Mrs. Alvarez teaches Spanish to grades 1-5 as well as during the Canyon Heights’ summer camp. Mrs. Alvarez also teaches a “Manners Class” to 8th Grade. She graduated from the Instituto Claret in Guadalajara, Mexico and also holds a Certificate in Child Development from De Anza Community College. She joined Canyon Heights Academy in 2009.

Mrs. Marija Fisher
Mrs. Marija Fisher – Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Fisher joined Canyon Heights Academy as a co-teacher in Preschool and then became the Kindergarten teacher as well as the Extended Day Care teacher. This is her tenth year as Kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Fisher received a BS from the University of California Santa Cruz and holds a Montessori teaching credential.

Ms. Paulina Grzegorek
Ms. Paulina Grzegorek – Fifth Grade Teacher

Ms. Grzegorek joined Canyon Heights Academy in 2014 teaching in the fifth grade. She has taught in private schools for 9 years, including 8 years in the fifth grade. Ms Grzegorek studied Political Science at U.C. Davis before earning a Masters in Education at the University of San Francisco.

Mrs. Lisa Kelsey
Mrs. Lisa Kelsey – Language Arts and History Teacher (Middle School)

Mrs. Kelsey joined Canyon Heights Academy in 2008, beginning in 4th and 5th grade and then moving to the Middle School. She currently teaches Language Arts in Middle School and American History I and II. Mrs. Kelsey earned her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Science and Math at San Diego State University.

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Contact List

To contact one of our school administrators, please call us at: (408) 370-6727 and request their extension below.

Dr. Margaret Richardson, Head of School
ext. 203

Ms. Karen Carminati, Admissions Director
ext. 207

Fr. Anthony Sortino, Chaplain
ext. 208

Mrs. Lada Stankovic, Vice Principal - Preschool & Kindergarten - Grade 2
ext. 204

Mrs. Carla Harr, Vice Principal - Middle School, Dean of Students
ext. 254

Mrs. Kathryn Sager, Marketing and Development Director
ext. 206

Mr. K.C. Jones, IT Support Specialist
ext. 201