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Following our principles of integral formation and academic excellence, our comprehensive academic program provides a solid, coherent foundation of knowledge, concepts and skills for lifelong learning. The program addresses the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral development of children in grades preschool to eighth grade. Given our educational philosophy and what we know about how children develop and learn, we have created high, yet reasonable, academic expectations for our students. To help students achieve these academic standards, we provide a curriculum that is rich in content and which uses sound, effective pedagogical methods. As a Catholic school, our program stresses acquisition of a broad general culture enlightened by faith for the service of others.

Academic excellence is not simply the acquisition of knowledge and skills, but also the development of intellectual habits and good character. Students are given the tools to acquire those attitudes and virtues that characterize intellectually and socially mature persons, such as perseverance and completion of tasks, clear expression of thoughts and feelings, self-reflection, as well as friendliness and appropriate manners. This is done primarily through the virtue program which is an integral part of our curriculum and the underlying theme guiding all our activities. Founded on the educational philosophy of integral formation the program forms the student as a whole person according to the truths and principles of Christian anthropology and the Catholic faith. It accomplishes this by building the foundation for future years of schooling through experiences and instruction that allow for the child to grow and develop in intellectual, human, spiritual and apostolic capacities and habits.