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Our Beliefs

Canyon Heights Academy believes the process of educating a child can be compared to a tree growing and bearing good fruit. We are rooted in our beliefs, and from those beliefs, CHA creates academic and campus programs, traditions and procedures which foster the development of each child from 18 months through preschool and through Grade 8. We are led by six root beliefs that guide our mission.

GOD IN ALL THINGS. Christ is the Teacher. Alongside him, we recognize God’s presence in creation, in ourselves, in one another, and in daily life. Most of all, we encounter God in the Sacraments.

EVERY CHILD IS A GIFT FROM GOD. -“Father, they are your gift to me.” Jn 17:24. Every member of our school community is endowed with talents to be discovered, encouraged, and shared, for the sake of achieving our purpose alongside others.

INTEGRAL FORMATION IS THE CORE OF FUTURE LEADERS. Catholic-­Christian leadership is paramount to the future of Silicon Valley. In a successful leader, the intellect, heart, and body work and grow together as one, nourished and rooted in absolute values and timeless truths.

Click here for a short video that explains Intergal Formation

EDUCATION IS A PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN TEACHERS, PARENTS AND PRIESTS. Parents are the primary educators of their children. Our school is a partnership to help parents and teachers achieve their best in the integral formation of their children.

CATHOLIC VALUES GUIDE OUR LIVES. Faith, conscience, and religious practice are core to our humanity, not subjects separate from everything else we do. We are both unapologetically Catholic and unequivocally loving of all people.

WE ARE A COMMUNITY OF GOD’S CHILDREN. We are never done growing. Humility allows us to grow together and is essential achieve great things. Humility is not to think less of yourself, it is to think less about yourself, and more about others.

Contact List
Click here for our Contact List

To contact one of our school administrators, please call us at: (408) 370-6727 and request their extension below.

Ms. Catherine Neumayr, Head of School
ext. 203

Mrs. Tiffannie Thom, Admissions Director
ext. 207

Ms. Melissa Ma, Business Manager
ext. 202

Ms. Carla Yanez, Vice Principal - Middle School; Director - After School Programs
ext. 254

Mrs. Estela Zeik, Vice Principal - Lower School
ext. 209

Mrs. Marija Fisher, Vice Principal -
Early Montessori, Preschool and Kindergarten Director

ext. 259

Mrs. Kathryn Sager, Marketing and Development Director
ext. 206