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Canyon Heights Academy is excited to announce the opening of two new STEM labs on campus. The new labs are the result of a special project involving planning meetings, curriculum updates and generous donations. The larger STEM lab is designed for Middle School science experiments, and the smaller STEM Enrichment lab is designed for students in grades 1-5.

Now all students grades 1-8 can experience a hands-on approach to learning science. Science teacher Ms. DeLys Hamm, joined Canyon Heights Academy this year as science teacher for all grades. First lab instruction involves safety in the labs, including requisite lab coats and goggles.

Students have learned to write lab reports using the scientific method: hypothesis, materials, procedure, observation and conclusions.

First lab of the year, titled “Elephant Toothpaste,” taught students the role of “catalyst” in chemistry. The second experiment “Film Canister Rocket” showed the 8th grade class the result of building pressure in an enclosed space.

Fun and learning go hand-in-hand in these labs!!