CHA Culture

CHA Culture

The culture of the community at CHA is based in the  behaviors and actions we commit to practice. They grow naturally out of our beliefs. Putting these in action will support our mission and make us “bear much fruit.”

GROW  with Humility

To  become the leaders we are called to be, we are open to and grow within God’s grace. He nourishes and cultivates our intellect, our faith, and our natural gifts.

STRIVE  with Trust

CHA  aims higher and renounces mediocrity. Our school community sets a high bar and strives for both academic achievement and spiritual growth. We embrace rigor in the classroom while forming the intellect to adequately discern and defend truth.

BELIEVE  with Perseverance

Rooted in our Catholic view of life, we  open the mind and grow the heart. We affirm and sustain each other in God’s love. We believe in and aspire to greatness through Jesus Christ.

LOVE  with Courage

Every person in our school community is a gift from God, imperfect as we are. We commit to seek and find goodness in each other, even in tension. We give ourselves in sacrifice and love for each other. This love creates a sense of family, fosters a safe environment, and bears fruit.

UNIFY  with Joy

We seek to unify and provide balance. We harmonize science and faith, intellect and heart, love and authority, nature and grace. In an increasingly polarized world, as leaders, we bring people and cultures together.

Contact List

To contact one of our school administrators, please call us at: (408) 370-6727 and request their extension below.

Dr. Margaret Richardson, Head of School
ext. 203

Mrs. Tiffannie Thom, Admissions Director
ext. 207

Ms. Melissa Ma, Business Manager
ext. 202

Fr. Timothy Lyons, Chaplain
ext. 208

Fr. Anthony Sortino, Assistant Chaplain

Ms. Carla Yanez, Vice Principal - Middle School; Director - After School Programs
ext. 254

Mrs. Estela Zeik, Vice Principal - Lower School
ext. 209

Mrs. Kathryn Sager, Marketing and Development Director
ext. 206

Alexky (Alex) Ramos, IT Manager
ext. 205