Educating the intellect at Canyon Heights means developing a lifelong love for learning. Our curriculum provides a solid, coherent, integrated foundation of knowledge, concepts and skills to accomplish that goal. Our curriculum addresses the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and moral development of children in grades Preschool through eighth grade. Following our philosophy and curriculum, we create high, yet reasonable, academic expectations for our students. As a Catholic school, our program stresses a strong academic education combined with programs to develop character and cultivate leaders who will make our world a better place.

Education of the intellect goes beyond acquisition of knowledge. Canyon Heights teaches students to be thinkers who can analyze, synthesize, compare and contrast, judge, reflect, discern and identify what is right and true.

Besides the acquisition of knowledge, a Canyon Heights student receives the tools and guidance in forming a strong character. Students acquire character normally associated with socially mature persons, exemplifying perseverance and completion of tasks, clear expression of thought and feeling, self-reflection and appropriate manners. The program to build strong character is the virtue campaign in grades 1-8 which is an integral part of our curriculum.

Canyon Heights uses an independent curriculum used by an international network of schools owned and operated by the Legionaries of Christ.