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Leadership and Service

Canyon Heights strives to develop compassionate leaders who have a deep understanding of social responsibility, the need to serve others and the skills to accomplish change in our world.

Student Leadership training begins formally in sixth grade as the students begin participating in the START curriculum. START’s Leadership Process involves Tactics, Routines and Training along with periodic Assessment towards achievement of a Strategy. Within Canyon Heights, START provides real world experience in organizing and leading a project outside of the classroom. The goal is not only to develop future leaders, but to further each student’s development on his or her path to becoming a mature adult.

While working in small groups, students have the opportunity to identify a need at Canyon Heights, design a project to fill that need and then carry it out. The key to the START program begins with a personal strengths finder. Within their group, students then learn the strengths and talents of their peers so to best accomplish the project. Being a good leader not only requires motivating yourself and using your strengths, but discovering the strengths in others and motivating their contribution to the group.

Student Leadership Council (SLC)
For students who want to take a greater leadership role within the school, SLC provides opportunities to participate within three student-led service teams: CHA Media Team, CHA Mentoring Team and Service Campaign Team. Joining the SLC requires an application process including teacher recommendations and service hours outside of CHA. SLC positions are not elected.

The Service Campaign Team is a very active committee within the SLC. The Service Campaign Team organizes school-wide apostolic events during Advent and Lent.

The CHA Media Team creates the MS Newletter or “newspaper” that is published each quarter in the second semester.

The Mentoring Team organizes a schedule of peer tutoring once a week during school hours for younger students, PK- Grade 4.