Types of Gifts

Types of Gifts

Matching Gifts

Corporate Matching funds are an easy way to increase your contribution. Many corporations match employee donations to Canyon Heights Academy. In addition, your volunteer hours at Canyon Heights Academy may be eligible for a grant through Volunteer Grant Programs.

Please click the link to see if your company offers these programs!


For questions regarding Matching Gifts, please contact the Business Office.

Appreciated Stock

Gifts of appreciated stock do not incur a tax liability. Donors are entitled to an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of appreciated securities that have been held for at least one year. No capital gains tax is paid on the transfer of the stock. For questions regarding Appreciated Stock gifts, please contact the Business Office.

In-Kind Gifts

If you would like to make an in-kind donation for charitable purposes, please contact the Business Office to arrange appropriate paperwork and tax deduction letters.