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Inspire the Heart

Inspire the Heart

The goal of Canyon Heights Academy is to help a student develop into not just a strong leader, but a leader with a good heart. We inspire students to be generous, to see other people and the world around them with a heart that says, “What can I do to help?” Our curriculum, spiritual and character building programs systematically help students form both intelligent minds and great hearts. We are proud of our alumni, who in various high schools, colleges and in workplaces are leading others through their good example, using many talents they discovered here.

Becoming a leader who will lead and change the world begins from the youngest years. It also requires a heart that wants to serve, and this inspiration comes from the spiritual and leadership components of a Canyon Heights education. Building each year on the next, the process culminates in Middle School with the Leadership in Action and Student Leadership Council programs.

Though we educate in the Catholic tradition, we respect and honor our students from a variety of religious backgrounds.

▪  Spiritual Life
▪  Celebrating the Eucharist
▪  Sacramental Preparation
▪  Leadership and Service
▪  Parenting Resources and Opportunities