Motto and Crest

Motto and Crest

School Motto
The motto for Canyon Heights Academy expresses a noble standard: Semper Altius, Latin for “Always Higher.” We encourage our students to strive “always higher” in every situation — both where their talents help them excel naturally and also in challenging areas because the challenge helps build character and skill.

School Crest
The top left corner is an extension of the school motto. The peaks of a rugged mountain range against the unending starlit sky communicates the far-reaching aspiration of Canyon Heights students.

The redwood tree in the top right corner symbolizes the state tree of California, CHA’s home state. The indigenous redwood, with its fire-resistant bark and towering height, represents the honor and strength of character found in Canyon Heights Academy students.

Pictured in the bottom left corner of the crest is a single torch illuminating an open book. The book symbolizes the academics taught at Canyon Heights Academy and the flame represents not only the light of knowledge but also the brilliance of Christ.

The bottom right corner features the armor of God and the breastplate of righteousness which Saint Paul admonished the Christians to wear in Ephesians. Canyon Heights Academy instructs its students to seek what is true and defend it against the enemies of truth.

Contact List

To contact one of our school administrators, please call us at: (408) 370-6727 and request their extension below.

Dr. Margaret Richardson, Head of School
ext. 203

Mrs. Tiffannie Thom, Admissions Director
ext. 207

Ms. Melissa Ma, Business Manager
ext. 202

Fr. Timothy Lyons, Chaplain
ext. 208

Fr. Anthony Sortino, Assistant Chaplain

Ms. Carla Yanez, Vice Principal - Middle School; Director - After School Programs
ext. 254

Mrs. Estela Zeik, Vice Principal - Lower School
ext. 209

Mrs. Kathryn Sager, Marketing and Development Director
ext. 206

Alexky (Alex) Ramos, IT Manager
ext. 205