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The 4/5/6 Girls Volleyball team placed first in the St. Lucy Volleyball Tournament in September. Four teams participated in the tournament, and by the third round, the Lady Cardinals had scored enough points that the tournament outcome was known. Congratulations to the coaches and players!

Team Captain Sofia Bruno set a new record for number of unreturned serves at 17, breaking the previous record by 2. Throughout the two-day tournament, CHA posted 90 unanswered serves! On the court, the girls presented a clear spirit of sportsmanship that was recognized by the other teams. The second place team asked for a photo with our Canyon Heights Academy players. What a great tournament!

Coach Joseph Nguyen spoke proudly of the girls. The team met both mornings at 7:30 am to warm up so they came into the tournament strong. All players participated in the tournament, and he is proud of how motivated they are to win. He commented, “It is all about attitude, and their determination is key.”