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Canyon Heights Academy educates each child through a rigorous, integrated and systematic implementation of the academic subjects. Students will develop a genuinely organic and coherent view of the world. Education goes beyond the acquisition of knowledge. The complete curriculum addresses the intellectual, social, physical, emotional and moral development of children in grades Preschool through Grade 8. Our curriculum integrates vertically and horizontally, aligning interdisciplinary connections focused on a holistic understanding of the world. Students connect what they learn and the way they live in a coherent manner enlightened by faith.

We employ the best and proven teaching methods and resources that demonstrate love and respect for students and simultaneously allows them to be protagonists in their own learning process. The relationship between educator and student is vital to the process of education and builds the foundation for integral formation.

We believe parents are the primary educators, collaborating with the school to support the integral formation of their children into Christian leaders. Parents receive regular, efficient and purposeful two-way communication to ensure a unified direction in the formation of the students.

Canyon Heights Academy uses an independent curriculum used by an international network of schools, RC Education.

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