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Preschool Classroom

Our preschool classrooms are set up according to the guidelines first outlined by Maria Montessori. This set up is beneficial to the children in two ways. First, the choice of activities (called “jobs”) allows each child to experience the joy of learning by their own choice. Second, it helps them perfect their own natural learning tools for continued success in their academic pursuits.

Our preschool classrooms are designed for the children. They are prepared and equipped for the size and pace of preschool-aged children and are designed to give them freedom in the environment through carefully prepared and attractive materials on low shelves. Tables and chairs are movable to allow a variety of activities, and the children also work on small rugs on the floor where they are naturally comfortable. In our classrooms, there is no “front” of the room or teacher’s desk as a focal point because the stimulation from learning comes from the total environment.

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