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Preschool Curriculum

Reading, Phonics and Writing
The students develop beginning reading skills. Concepts taught include: pre-reading and pre-writing jobs; simple phonics rules and simple short vowel words; reading and writing readiness is watched carefully so learning to read and write is motivated by the student’s natural enthusiasm.

The students develop an early enthusiasm for the world of numbers. Concepts taught include: understanding place value and reading numbers to the thousands; recognition of number symbols as well as physical representation; self-discovery of mathematical facts through math activities and Montessori materials.

Practical Life
Practical life area focuses on development of fine motor control, care of self and care of the environment through concentration, coordination, order and independence.

The students begin to understand the world around them through the study of science. Concepts taught include: basic characteristics of the solar system; the importance of dirt and soil; appreciation of the environment through knowledge of the earth’s layers, five oceans, seven continents and various landforms, dinosaurs and zoology.

The students explore various art media. Concepts taught in preschool include: awareness of the elements and principles of art; famous artists such as Michelangelo, Rafael, Mary Cassat; Monet, Tommy de Paola and Paul Klee; as well as different historical periods of art: Renaissance, Baroque and Impressionism.

The students are introduced to music by various composers. Concepts taught in preschool include: folk music and music and dances from all over the world; Strauss, Blue Danube (during study of the continent of Europe and landforms); Hayden’s Creation Story; chants and sacred music by various artists.

Concepts taught in preschool include: why God made him/her; Guardian Angel; Liturgical events including Christmas and Easter; Saints Francis, Patrick and Joseph as well as Blessed Mother Mary; why we attend Mass and what happens there; the three basic prayers: Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be; understanding forgiveness, grace and courtesy, and monthly school-wide virtues.

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