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Study of technology provides students the opportunity to master computer skills, understand the effect technology has on society and develop the art of effective communication. Technology is taught as a tool for research and application of communication software. Technology is integrated into students’ learning experiences in other core subjects through instruction, discussion and hands-on assignments. Self-discipline, concentration, commitment, teamwork, listening skills, honesty, self-expression and creativity are fostered at all grade levels. Students become proficient in a number of software programs enabling them to determine the best possible programs and research materials for their project.

The technology curriculum represents what we expect children to achieve at various levels of their education, kindergarten through eighth grade. Students will develop their technological knowledge and skills as the material presented becomes more complex. Computer projects will enhance skill development and encourage individual creativity.

In addition to a computer lab and mobile laptop labs, students in grades 1-4 have iPads in the classroom on a 4:1 basis. In grades 5-8, iPads are issued 1:1, and it is used for organization, note taking, research and specific applications to what is being taught in the classroom.

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