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After School Activities

After dismissal each day, the campus is buzzing with after-school activities. Canyon Heights offers a wide variety of after-school activities designed to further an interest or talent or develop new ones! In addition to athletics, the following after-school activities are offered this year:

Art Junior
Open to grades 1-3. Art Jr. gives interested students the opportunity to try a variety of art projects that are more in-depth and challenging than the projects created in art class. These projects offer students the chance to further develop their fine motor skills and artistic abilities.

Art Senior
Open to grades 4-8. Art Sr. is based on an independent study model in which interested students explore the art of either drawing or painting subject matter of their choosing with instructor guidance, feedback, and support. This gives budding artists an opportunity to develop their artistic skills and have fun at the same time.

Canyon Heights Academy Cardinal Choir & Elite Ensemble

Canyon Heights Academy supports two choirs who perform at CHA events and represent our school in multiple community events.

Chess Class
Learn the basics for new players and explore challenges and advanced concepts for more experienced players. Students will also learn valuable life skills through chess, such as winning and losing with grace, sportsmanship, planning and team spirit.

Coding Jr. and Sr.
Junior class taught by Code It With Me and Senior class taught by Mr. Zeik. Learn the basics and next steps for coding in a fun and effective environment.

HSPT Prep for Grade 8
Prep for the January high school placement test provided by Saso High School Prep.

Lego Engineering (grades K-3)
Explore the endless creative possibilities of Lego building system under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Curriculum includes two classes: Intro to Fundamentals of Lego Engineering in the fall and STEM Fundamentals with Lego in the spring.

Mandarin Chinese
Learn Mandarin language and culture. Dynamic teaching methods and lots of fun while learning a new language.

Public Speaking Classes 1 and 2
Public speaking instruction is offered before school during zero period. The curriculum and instructors are from Rose Institute. Besides progressive instruction in public speaking, students compete in local and regional tournaments.

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