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Growth in Virtue

Canyon Heights Academy uses the Kids for Jesus (K4J) educational program that focuses on the virtue formation of children and the Film Clips program for Middle School.

Virtue is an important part of each child’s development because virtue is the habitual and firm disposition to choose good. Virtue allows a student to give the best of him/herself in all circumstances. Virtue creates the ability to make a positive impact in their family, with their friends and even in their community.

Each month, grades K- 5 emphasize a specific virtue aimed at helping students know and practice Christian virtues. Through practice, virtue is acquired by deliberate choices and through perseverance. The program is designed to create self-motivation within the student by practicing virtues in a fun, exciting and age-appropriate way.

In cooperation with the school’s virtue campaign, each family has online resources to emphasize the virtue of the month at home. Through online fun, contests, service projects and activities, the entire family can actively participate in the virtue campaigns with recommended “at-home” activities.

For Middle School, Film Clips for Character Education brings scenes from Hollywood films to the classroom for peer discussion. Each episode presents a movie scene and guided discussion on subjects like understanding yourself, peer pressure, understanding bullies and other similar topics. No inappropriate material is included in any of the film clips.